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Ship management

Quotations for ship management have never been simpler. Our web enabled vessel management quotations system provides categorized configurable quotations for prospective clients. The system can be configured to provide quotes Crew expense, Technical Expenses, Class and Other expenses, Admin expenses etc. Each major expense can then be analysed by Item and even sub items with each item fully documented.




This module is used to record the exact rate (Bareboat charter, Time charter), duration and terms agreed between the shipowner and the charterer.

The system captures all possible data required to generate an invoice. The sales system was developed with chartering in mind. The module logs all required financial entries such as charter period, agreement types, rates, bunker levels, off hire etc. required to produce an invoice. The invoice can then be approved and tracked through the system until finally interfaced to the accounts system.




ExAmos, Amos assist, is a highly versatile AMOS (Asset Management Operating System) procurement Meta data system developed at the request of professional AMOS users, to fill in the gaps of the existing purchasing EMS AMOS suite. ExAmos , presents purchasing data in a structured manner, reducing time required to pinpoint a particular order or group of orders for a given vessel, providing efficient quotation comparison for procurement documents and KPI integration thus extending analysis and performance monitoring.




REVSOFT GL Accounting gives users maximum control in managing all of their accounting transactions. Whether setting up and maintaining their chart of accounts, generating financial statements and reports, or creating journal entries and budgets, Revsoft GL provides top-flight power and performance to keep users in control of their financial data.



Automated bank payments

Automate your bank account journals and payment instructions . Save time when you’re making payments. Save even more time using the Bank Payment System to process incoming statements. The Bank Payment System is a complete solution for both payments and statement processing, automating, or making easy, the booking of everything that happens in your bank accounts. The PAYORD system facilitates means for clients to create bulk electronic payment orders (SWIFT,SEBA etc..) to banks and subsequently update their accounting ledger with information such as bank charges, exchange rates used for transaction etc.., using data returned from the bank by special agreement. This minimizes the probability of human error. In addition, organizations are able to produce one payment order per beneficiary to the bank whilst preserving the original analysis which could have resulted in several payment orders in the past, hence dramatically reducing bank charges.


German GDPDU

Tax authority generation

The German Federal Agency of Finance (Bundesamt für Finanzen) requires businesses operating in Germany to provide electronic access to copies of accounting data according to an audit process detailed in the document Grundsätze zum Datensugriff und zur Prüfbarkeit digitaler Unterlagen (GDPdU). Data from live data processing systems must be extracted and provided to tax auditors on industry-standard digital media such as a CD-ROM or DVD. GDPDU tax authority data extract module, conveniently extracts data in a format required by the German authorities from data within your accounting system(s). The data extracted is then saved on a CD or other media and subsequently sent to the relevant authorities.


Infor BI

Business Intelligence

The amount of information inside your company is constantly expanding, and to stay competitive, your data-insight strategy has to keep pace with business change. With multiple sources of data, it can be difficult for your users to get access to the information they need, when they need it. Your users need business intelligence and analytics that provide the most up-to-date information in a timely fashion, no matter where they are. They need information delivered in a cohesive and user-configurable format that can help drive your organization’s business decisions and actions.


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