SUN Systems Support


Support needs to be precise, effective and consistent, with the right person giving the help and guidance needed at an often critical time. Not only do we have our support team available on the phone, we also have a remote team that can attend to your needs on site as required. As an INFOR Channel Partner and support provider, we have a high ratio of support staff to customers within the SunSystems community. We have experienced application and technical consultants who can quickly understand functional and performance issues and rapidly resolve them. We really are here to help.Registered users can log in to see the status of their support calls, alternatively they can raise new support requests.

Finding financial management applications that meet the needs of your operations is a challenge. But finding a solution that can also be implemented both quickly and cost-effectively is an even bigger challenge. Large multi-nationals use SunSystems because it is ideal for organisations with operations wanting to deploy the same solution regionally or globally. But SunSystems is also used by many thousands of small and medium sized businesses around the world because it delivers the power and flexibility of an enterprise-level system at a considerably lower total cost of ownership.Its real-time, single ledger design, coupled with highly flexible analysis capabilities makes it the powerful system with a compact footprint. Its scalability means that SunSystems can support from 5 to 1,000 users, and the breadth of functionality means you can implement additional modules as your business changes. SunSystems is available in 30 languages, with sophisticated multi-currency capabilities and support for local statutory compliance. This means that it can be deployed anywhere in the world.

SunSystems is a leading financial and business management software solution used by thousands of businesses around the world. Installed in 18,000 sites in over 190 countries, SunSystems helps business improve operating efficiency and increase visibility of financial information

Powerful Financial Management and Analysis

At the heart of the SunSystems solution is a single, integrated ledger that combines the functionality of general ledger, sales and purchase ledger, project ledger, cashbook and user-defined ledgers. This providers a powerful, real-time, financial transaction processing engine that lets you see the immediate impact of any financial posting, giving you greater visibility into your business.The SunSystems solution provides flexibility in the ways you can analyze your financial and business information. “Analysis dimensions” are set up to reflect organisation activity such as departments, accounts, products, regions or lines of business. There is no need to prescribe a data relationship in advance, as the analysis dimensions are created and maintained independently of each other, but are linked through transaction processing and validation rules. This means you can add new analysis dimensions or change existing ones as your business changes.Using SunSystems, you can quickly highlight problems within the operation or low-performing areas of the business, and take positive action to turn things around. The unique combination of flexible analysis capabilities and integrated business analytics means that SunSystems delivers powerful reporting coupled with real-time alerts in order to highlight areas that need immediate action, anywhere within the business.